Hi, I'm Kim! My husband and I have two wonderful boys and a baby girl on the way. We also have a yorkie and a cat. We’re a standard Alaskan family, in that we like walking, biking, occasional hiking, and doing our best to explore this beautiful state. As for myself, I enjoy many indoor hobbies like crocheting, knitting, sewing, baking, and reading. Albeit I do some of these outdoors when possible.

Some background on our business, Zephyr Designs evolved from Indigo Chase Specialties. This was our venture we started in 2018. We had a small boutique style shop in Anchorage. We had plans to move the shop to a small suburb of Anchorage, when the events of 2020 happened. As such, we pivoted to an online only shop. Our main goal was always to have a storefront again, yet due to the local economy, in particular the commercial real estate market, this didn't happen. 

As such we were/are still driven to carve out our own destiny and build something for our family. Fast-forward to 2023, we shifted our focus from selling the material to selling my handmade items and starting a custom t-shirt business. I make everyday items to heirloom pieces that can be passed from generation to generation. As for our shirts, we currently carry shirts that are related to the craft, yet custom is always on the table. I'm always looking for ways to challenge my skills and hone my craft. Below there's more detail on how I started on some of my hobbies.

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 How I Learned to Crochet, Knit, & Tunisian Crochet